Waste Disposal & Recycling

Stack of crushed cans for recycling.

We call our  waste disposal and recycling centre the Transfer Station and it's located at 311 Bailey Line Road, 1.5 km down the road past the municipal complex. We're careful about waste disposal here in the township and we go to a lot of trouble to keep things green, clean and economical. Our mandatory separation and recycling policy keeps waste to a minimum, while maximizing the material that goes out for recycling. Following the rules is easy when you understand what we accept at our transfer station and how it needs to be prepared. 


Transfer Station


Hours of Operation

  • Saturday - 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday   - 2 pm to 3 pm (Summer only - 1st week of June to last week in August)
  • Thursday  - 7 pm to 8 pm

Note: If you bring materials to the transfer station in bags, the bags need to be clear.


Metal: We accept cans, tin foil and other household metal waste. The cans don't need to be crushed, but cans and foil need to be washed clean and dry.


Plastics: We accept all plastics as long as they are clean, dry and sorted by number. Your plastic should be pre-sorted at home.



Glass:  All glass is accepted, including the old incandescent light bulbs.


Paper & Cardboard:  Keep paper and cardboard separate from other recyclables. Tie paper and cardboard in bundles or deliver it in bags or boxes.


Non-Recyclables:  Separate kitchen wastes and non-sortable plastics. If you bring non-recyclables to the transfer station, it must be in clear plastic bags.


What We Can't Take:  Electronics, non-household scrap metal, appliances, or vehicles.  Construction materials are also not accepted at the Transfer Station.


The following waste disposal companies may be able to assist you. Please contact them for details.


Dodge Waste Management Ltd.

60 McCulloch Dr.




GFL Environmental Inc.

60 McCulloch Dr




SLM Recycling

5783 Bidwell Rd.




Byers Recycling Services

1793 South Monument Rd

Providence Bay