Surplus Equipment for Sale:


            The old grader brusher has been declared surplus by council.  Please contact the municipal office and speak to the Roads Department to view and submit a sealed bid to the office by September 26, 2022.

Election Day is coming up quickly! Monday, October 24, 2022

Don't forget to check voterlookup.ca to verify you are on the voter's list and to correct any errors. https://voterlookup.ca/home.aspx

Would you like to appoint a Proxy to vote for you?

See below for the form and instructions. If you still have questions, please call the office during business hours for assistance. 705-282-0624 

Voting Proxy Form and Instructions
Voting Proxy 9502P_Form3E.pdf
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Employment Opportunity


The Township of Burpee and Mills is currently seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as Municipal Election Staff (4) on the Election Day, Monday, October 24, 2022.

Individuals interested in applying for these positions must demonstrate the following core competencies:

·        Basic literacy (reading, writing and comprehension), mathematical and analytical skills

·        Basic interpersonal skills

·        Ability to perform repetitive tasks

·        Good attention to detail

·        Ability to adhere to directions and standards

·        Ability to learn in a short time frame


Individuals must also meet the following requirements for all positions:

·        No partisan political involvement while acting in the capacity of an Election Official.

·        Willing to work a ten (10) hour day, remaining at the counting location throughout the entire period.

 Interested parties should submit a letter of intent to the Municipal Office.

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Monday, September 19, 2022 at the Municipal Office, 8 Bailey Line Rd. Evansville or by email to burpeemills@vianet.ca.


Lynn Jackes, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

Returning Officer



Welcome to Our Township!

On Beautiful Western Manitoulin Island

The Township of Burpee & Mills was established in 1997 with the amalgamation of the townships of Burpee and Mills, but the roots of both townships go back to the 1870s. As settlers came to western Manitoulin to create family farms, many of them landed right here in Burpee-Mills. About 330 people call our community home, and we're proud of the friendship we enjoy and the services we provide. Our volunteer fire department and recycling centre are two of the most obvious, but we've got more. Our municipal complex houses a large community hall, township offices, fitness room and gymnasium. Our outdoor ice rink doubles as a basketball court in summer.  We're proud of our community, we take care to make it a great place to live, and we welcome everyone. Click below to learn more about who we are, what it's like to live in Burpee-Mills, and to get the information you need.


Green road sign reading "Bailey Line Road".


South shore of Lake Huron with boy looking at rocks.


Row of firefighting jackets, helmets, and gear