Welcome to Our Township!

On Beautiful Western Manitoulin Island

The Township of Burpee & Mills was established in 1997 with the amalgamation of the townships of Burpee and Mills, but the roots of both townships go back to the 1870s. As settlers came to western Manitoulin to create family farms, many of them landed right here in Burpee-Mills. About 330 people call our community home, and we're proud of the friendship we enjoy and the services we provide. Our volunteer fire department and recycling centre are two of the most obvious, but we've got more. Our municipal complex houses a large community hall, township offices, fitness room and gymnasium. Our outdoor ice rink doubles as a basketball court in summer. Nine or ten times each year the complex is also home to our famous pancake breakfasts. Community volunteers make it happen, and hundreds of folks come from miles around to enjoy good food and good times. We're proud of our community, we take care to make it a great place to live, and we welcome everyone. Click below to learn more about who we are, what it's like to live in Burpee-Mills, and to get the information you need.


Dog Days of Summer

As we are experiencing one of the hottest and driest summers of record I remember adults from my youth talking about the Dog Days of Summer. These hot sultry days that occur with the rising of  Sirius (the Dog Star) that rises with the sun. 

This hot dry summer has caused multiple forest fires in surrounding areas and the thought of a forest fire is a very real concern with so much dry combustible natural fuel to feed a fire and how difficult it is to fight at this time of year with the heat and the humidity. As we are all very conscious of the large fire near Parry Sound with everyone smelling it's smoke off and on all summer we all need to be extremely cautious when working or playing this summer. 


Green road sign reading "Bailey Line Road".


South shore of Lake Huron with boy looking at rocks.


Row of firefighting jackets, helmets, and gear