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Fire Ban

A Fire Ban is currently in place. No burning is allowed. 

Signs of Spring

It appears that most of the snow has gone and the ice on the lakes as well.  A lot of the birds are back now with new arrivals daily and the frogs have begun to serenade us nightly. Everyone is very relieved after our long and snowy winter, especially the snow plow operators. Our thanks to them for working almost everyday in some extreme conditions on snow and ice removal. Everyone is starting to clean up and seasonal residence are checking their cottages. Just a reminder if you intend to burn a permit is required and can be obtained on this site or at the municipal office at no charge and as the season progresses check for any fire ban notices that may be put in place. Hope everyone is enjoying the signs of spring throughout the season.

November Activities

A lot of people are getting ready for the November rifle season and it's a good time for hunters to brush up on all the hunting requirements. The Burpee and Mills Roads Department have the municipal snow removal equipment ready to handle a snow fall. Don't forget our Hunter Breakfast coming up on November 18 at the Municipal Complex from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. It is a good time to meet up with old friends and support our community's  Golden Age, Recreation and Fire Team.

Fall Preparations

Hard to believe we are in the last weeks of October. Its good to see the first phase of the Union Road Project completed and all looks good for the next year's hard surface treatment. As the weather is turning cooler everyone is preparing for winter and it is a good time to check your homes heating system to avoid possible fire hazards and to discuss your family's fire escape plan. With Halloween around the corner we hope everyone has a good time and stays safe. 

Dog Days of Summer

As we are experiencing one of the hottest and driest summers of record I remember adults from my youth talking about the Dog Days of Summer. These hot sultry days that occur with the rising of  Sirius (the Dog Star) that rises with the sun. 

This hot dry summer has caused multiple forest fires in surrounding areas and the thought of a forest fire is a very real concern with so much dry combustible natural fuel to feed a fire and how difficult it is to fight at this time of year with the heat and the humidity. As we are all very conscious of the large fire near Parry Sound with everyone smelling it's smoke off and on all summer we all need to be extremely cautious when working or playing this summer. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays.

Check our calendar for upcoming events and holiday closures.

A watercolor wreath that says "Merry Christmas"

Health and Safety

As temperatures cool there are several things to consider for Health and safety. First we all need to take care driving with some of the most dangerous conditions occurring at this time of year. There is often some early wet snow that becomes packed turning to ice, and there is rain, freezing rain and snow mixes creating driving hazards. If you also add the hazard of white tail deer crossing the roads you need to consider adjusting your driving speeds to be able to stop and avoid collisions. Its a good idea to put a driving emergency kit in your car that will assist you and your family with enduring the cold weather in the case of breakdowns. 

Secondly it is the time of year people are starting to use their wood burning stoves. Everyone should make sure these heating systems are in good working order especially with the cleaning of chimneys to eliminate any buildup of creosote. It is always a good idea to recheck your smoke alarms.