Winter's Arrival


With the wind howling around the office today and storm squall warning on the radio we are bracing for winter. The plows have already been out a couple of times this year and the plow operators are getting ready to head out again if needed. The days are short but the dark nights are a good backdrop to all the Christmas lights. The Recreation Committee will be holding their annual Christmas Pot Luck (details on calendar or in newsletter). There are always lots of social activities taking place at this time of year and we hope everyone drives with caution and stay safe.


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    Do My Assignment For Me (Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:53)

    The days are small but the shady night are a good environment to all the Christmas illumination. The Recreation group will be holding their yearly Christmas Pot Luck. There are forever lots of communal behaviors taking place at this time of year and we expect everyone drives with concern and stay secure.